Obsbot Tiny Unboxing and Giveaway

The Obsbot Tiny is a robot camera capable of tracking movements via gesture based inputs. This video is sponsored by Obsbot.
Obsbot Tiny Amazon link - amzn.to/3abQUuQ
Obsbot Tiny Direct (International): bit.ly/31KuImY
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  • Leave a comment below for your chance to win an Obsbot Tiny robotic camera. Good Luck!

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  • This camera lens is nice...👍😀😀😀

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  • Nicee

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  • Obsbot really cool

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  • Better than my webcam 😹 @13gors

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  • I could see so many use cases. This will be very helpful for me for online classes. Twitter @JaydipGhosh4

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  • Amazing looking Amazing device Ksaifkhan @Ksaifkhan1

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  • Big fan of your way of talking ❤️@sanju_sharma12

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  • this would be so usefull for tracking your pet when you're at work. though no deets about its ability managing to track our furry friends.

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  • Looks sweet as. Can I have one for work @officiallucas1

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  • hey lew please change the font colour from Orange to anything else and keep changing the colours as it always feels something new when there's some new editing, sound track or even the font colours are being changed @rathish_5102

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  • The production team needs a raise on that intro, it was really amazing! 🔥 - @MasaSoulz

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  • I Hope I Win, This Awesome Camera. @KaranPawshe7777

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  • almost every normal IP cam can do that.. its just the shape and the magnet at the bottom that is different. i wonder how they didnt say it have NIGHT vision omg :D new future 2041y.

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  • Eventually I like more of your podcasts than your unboxing video but this webcam got my attention:@SohailLaskar5

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  • @muhamma50898533

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  • The production team needs a raise on that intro, it was really amazing! 🔥 @rmdfreiberg

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  • Am I too late for you, Obsbot??

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  • This is amazing camera. @arif_billa3

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  • Looks amazing

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  • The production team needs a raise on that intro, it was really amazing! 🔥 - @GerryLuis

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  • Amazing useful camera with an AI following you. I want it 😏@josriiny

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